…Of Friendships #QLC

7 Sep

Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer- Jean de La Fontaine

This post tags on to #QLC and the journey to coming full circle. Things you get to understand about yourself and what you are about. The values you hold dearest and how it dictates your life and relationships. I value realness: honesty, candor and respect in friendships.

honest friends

I want to be real all the time. Being real for me means I want to be honest, given the benefit of doubt, sassy, say silly things, laugh out loud, sit on the floor, let my hair down and stuff like that. I want to do that all the time, at work and even at school. I hate situations where I can’t do that even when I know I really can’t. Like in a management or any work meeting. Duh! I want to tell someone that their dark blue skirt would go really well with a yellow top and fuscia earrings and show them. I want to talk about how Love and Hip hop must not be real because no lady can take so much crap from a man. Why can’t we have a 20 minute break every thirty minutes to check out what’s trending and discuss it? Maybe because that’s not how the real world runs, boring! I remember one time being in a serious workshop and I just got the urge to ask a silly question. Then I asked it and could almost hear the gasps people were trying so hard to keep inside. I could tell they were thinking, “The nerve of her….”


Thank God the question got answered but if it didn’t that would be fine too.

I want my friends to be real too. One time, a really good friend of mine and I got a chance to work together. We were given roles and I got to find out she had a problem with our roles when I was called into a meeting (that I thought was to brief us on the next step). Turns out it was to ease out the situation that I had not known was uneasy in the first place. I felt so betrayed, like she had stabbed me fifty times in the back. My perspective was, if we are real friends you should be comfortable enough to tell me first before you tell others. Needless to say, there were trust issues galore but we are all good now.

That’s the same problem I have with men who lead women on and not treating them right. Here a lady is being real when the guy is not! If someone’s got some issues going on, they should speak their mind. They shouldn’t say things they know they don’t mean. That’s just downright disrespectful. But that’s like a whole three blog posts full for another day.

True friendship ought never to conceal what it thinks-St. Jerome

My take is, if we can’t be real we are not friends. Don’t fool me into thinking we are and I will do the same for you.




2 Responses to “…Of Friendships #QLC”

  1. nkirdizzle October 1, 2013 at 3:40 pm #

    i always like it when I discover you posted something. And you have spoken the truth, it’s difficult for people to be real with each other, life would be so much simpler..

    • lilburdy October 17, 2013 at 3:54 am #

      Thanks dear. I agree, but we humans for some reason don’t seem to like simple.

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