Captured by Grace

13 Aug

I need to share a story.

It is about a servant. He owes a king a huge debt and when he is called to pay, he finds that he is not able to and he pleads with the king to give him time to pay. The king feels sorry for him and cancels the debt. This servant, free and forgiven, meets with a man who owes him money. He seems to forget what just happened with the king and he demands for his money. To the extent that he chokes the guy. No amount of pleading would appease the servant so he throws the man in jail until he can pay his debt. Eventually the king hears of what the servant does and has him thrown in jail because he did not show mercy as he had been shown.

Every time I read that story, I harshly judge the unmerciful servant. I could not believe that someone could be so unforgiving and ungrateful. That was until I saw the unmerciful servant in myself.

I recently got robbed of a laptop and some money. The laptop was found, the money wasn’t although the thief was caught. I remember when I found the laptop stolen I went on my knees and asked God to intervene. When it was found I was elated and hurriedly went back on my knees to thank God. It wasn’t until the second incident that I stopped to think of the purpose of these situations. I realized that God is not in the business of waving a magic wand every time I pray just for the sake of it. He does it for His glory. I realized that I was not the only party in these incidences. There were other parties and God has vested interests in them. I was done with these guys, but that is not how God deals with me. Even though they are the culprits, God has grace for them too.

What would Jesus do? Would He just dismiss them and exhale “good riddance”? Wouldn’t He wrap His arms around them and say He forgives them? Wouldn’t He dig deeper in their lives and find out how He could help them? One thing is for sure, He would see this as a golden opportunity to reflect God’s love.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8


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