Dream Again

31 Jul

So yes I am dreaming again. I don’t remember what ignited this fire but it doesn’t matter. I am dreaming again and it feels so good.

I sat and remembered a time three years ago when I was not working based on my own strength. I had just taken a step of faith and from there I had to totally trust in God. I remember working with a marginalized community and I loved it most times. When I didn’t like it, I was just being silly and right now I wish I hadn’t wasted all that energy hating it. At this point, God had given me so much compassion and passion for the community that I knew no bounds to the achievement of my dreams. At this time, through God’s grace I thrived but what was most important was that I was flowing with what God put in my heart and walking in obedience.

I remembered another incident. My friend and I had gone on a mission trip for a few months. At the end of our time there, a lady friend of ours decided to take us around the town on one night. We also invited another guy friend along. We went around looking for fun places to be at and did quite a bit of dancing. At just about 4am, we were doing our final rounds when we found one of the joints closed. We just sat in the parking lot and started talking. The guy had not yet received the salvation of Christ and he started asking about it. We had a discussion around the topic and it was interesting to hear the viewpoints. He said that he had only ever depended on himself all his life and that worked for him, but not really because he felt there was something more.

Now this was something that was new to me because I received the salvation of Christ when I was very young and all through my journey, I always knew that I could lean on God especially through the tough times. I could not imagine going through heartache and life’s failures and not crying out to God. And it is not just the relief in bad times, but the peace that comes with knowing that Christ has redeemed me at such a sacrificial price of death to pay for my sins. No greater love than this than that He lay down His life so that I would receive life and life in abundance. I never knew a love like this before!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

Anyway, back to that night, we went through the four spiritual laws to try and explain the concept of salvation. With our bodies exhausted, we concluded the plan by inviting the guy to church, which was only three hours away. We had been in that parking lot for over two hours. He was non-committal and we were too tired to insist so we all went our ways. We had badgered him enough with the Word anyway.

My friend and I went home and almost decided not to go to church but somehow got there a little late. When we got there, we found the guy all cleaned up and in church; with his wife and two daughters. Just so you know that God had set him up, the sermon was about fatherhood. This guy really adores his daughters and there could not have been a more relevant topic: how God is a father to us and what is expected of fathers. I know the guy continued going to church after that, whether he has received Christ I do not know but I know God was putting seed in his heart and cultivating it. It would only be a matter of time… I remember thinking I could live my life just for times like this when I could see transformation in people’s lives.

When I remembered these two incidences, I started thinking of my gifts and how they mesh with the places God has taken me to especially when I was obedient to His leading. I am all for transformation through the Truth of God in lives but especially those who are lost, oppressed and in need. Let’s see where that road leads.


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