Quarter Life Crisis

28 Jun
Dream car

Dream car

Turning 25 was a very big deal for me. At only 18 years of age, I had projected that  I would be quite far in my path in this life. I would have the dream job, dream boyfriend (marriage would come in at 27) and dream car.

Fast forward to the year I would turn 25; this would be a year marked by maturity, freedom and responsibility or so I imagined. I was offered a chance to stay in Dar-es-salaam for 4 months by my work organisation and this sounded like a brilliant way to usher me into this phase. I would be living away from my family and the system I was used to. To say I was excited would be an understatement! I came back and decided to move out of my parent’s home again and this time live on my own. This, however, would only last 6 months before I made a decision to move back home. The start of year 25 was characterized by loneliness, bad health, financial issues, soul-searching and finally snapping out of it.

One thing I have learnt and keep re-learning is that this life has a lot of lessons it is waiting to dish out. Maturity starts with being able to face every situation and finding a way to rise above them and use every opportunity to better yourself. I have to admit I have come to realize my life has been better than most but that does not mean I did not almost crash and burn at some points. Let us talk about the loneliness.

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One Response to “Quarter Life Crisis”

  1. FiriFiri July 2, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    You knw u r lonely wen in your single room hse you catch yourself seriously beating stories with yourself! Not to mention you laughing at your own jokes thinking you r very funny! Hehe. Halafu you go like: “m i crazy? I am toking to myself!” then you dismiss all that as rubbish fears and go like: “of course i hav to tok to myself. Smetimes i jus nd expert advice!”. Then you tel urself a silly joke. Next yu are lolling on the floor. Seriously?

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