Lessons from my parents

30 May


I went to visit my parents this past weekend and it was amazing! I couldn’t help but admire how this couple is amazing and real and inspirational. Yes you could say I have a crush on my parents but I think they just ground me and give me a different perspective to life. I remember sitting after dinner and we were having conversation and I was so free and just yapping away. I even forgot we had a visitor in our midst. I remember my dad speaking and I was just thinking “this guy lives in the real world”.

My dad is intelligent and very grounded in life. He seems reserved when you first meet him but in comfortable situations he really comes alive with jokes and funny comments. He also has a way with sarcasm and ‘snide’ remarks (yes I get some of that from him). He thinks before he makes a step and I find that he is very wise. He is also easy going (of course I didn’t think that when I was younger) and you get the feeling that nothing you could ever do could shake his love for you. My dad is and has been for a long time my constant role model. He is not perfect and I know it but he has a lot to offer the world. He is simple, humble and sober.

My dad has taught me a few lessons in life. He has taught me passion. This man walked down a long aisle to the front of the church, read Bible verses and declared that he had finally decided to give his life to Christ even though there had been no altar call. Before that you wouldn’t have known that he wasn’t saved because he would go to church regularly and be home by 5pm and he was a responsible man by any standards. He has a quiet strength that is not pushy but cannot be ignored. I can’ t count the number of leadership positions he has at the moment. It’s like every space he steps into, they recognize the leadership potential he has. Growing up, we knew my dad was the disciplinarian. He may not have been the executor but we knew his hand was in it for sure. My dad has taught me very many things just through observation and conversation. I remember spending more time with him growing up than with my mum. I remember in high school, I would have sports events and he would always attend when I called him and he would bring me good food. He also came for all visits as long as he was around. He was very present at least as far as I can remember.

One thing I have heard him say one should look for in a husband is one who is willing and able to provide and take care of his family. In a nutshell, a responsible man!

My mum is such a darling! She is actually the reason I finally collected myself and went home on a Sunday when I would much rather have been in my bed and not socialising. She called me and said they had missed me and told me to visit. Now, when I visit, I can be such a ‘brat’. I just want to be spoilt. She can ask me to do something, I make a face and she just tells me to leave it. I feel so guilty after that and sometimes I yield. Anyway, so she asks me questions and I pour my heart out and update her. She keeps me up till 2am at night and wakes up to make me breakfast. Isn’t she a darling? One of the things I admire about my mother is her wisdom. She can solve any and every problem with so much ease. Her wisdom is so incredible, it can only be from life experiences and prayer.

One thing that my mum has taught me is resilience. To rise above any situation and not keep grudges or take things to heart. To let God be my regulator in situations and trust His will shall come to pass.

I am blessed to have an amazing family and especially parents. My resolve in life is to be a present parent to my four children (God-willing) and be a major influencer in their lives. I want to ground them in the Word of God and speak God’s purposes into their lives. I believe parenthood is one of those things that top the list in the noble things of life. If and when God gives me the opportunity, I would love to majorly teach my kids: resilience and independence. Of course I submit all these to God Almighty who knows the plan He has for my life. My desires are at His feet, surrendered.


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