28 Mar

Just sitting and watching the first season of Love and Hiphop led me through a whole set of emotions. I went through blaming myself for the things that I have been through with men to blaming the men and their mothers who want them to remain babies till they are 50. One thing that was constant however, even after taking responsibility, was the feeling that men should really step up!

I know we women play a part in keeping the men from growing up and taking responsibility and that is a problem. If we can’t change the men (and we can’t) let’s stop enabling them. Women should watch their own lives through the lens of this series.

Being in a relationship where you asked the guy out or pressured him to do so! Stop lying to yourself, if you decided to lead, you’ll be leading all through the relationship. And that only means eternal pain and resentment for the lady.

Being in a relationship for 5 years when you are both grown and fully able to commit to a marriage but he is not willing! He will leave you and marry someone else in the next 3 months. Statistics don’t lie, just talk to women around you. One thing we women need in our lives is RESPECT and a guy who strings you along does not respect you. He may sing you a whole album but that is just non-sense, he does not love you.

I think the worst of things is wishing that a guy will change because of the things that you do. A guy will not change because of you. He has to realize what he has got going for him but until then, there is nothing doing.

I know I sound a bit bitter towards men in this post. I just realized I am!

I am tired of seeing friends crying over guys who don’t treat them right and respect them. I am tired of men stringing women along and crushing their hearts into little bits. I am tired of men having a hold on women. I am tired of the men in my life who have strung me along for the bit of time I allowed them to.

I am tired of MEN allowing the devil to use them to destroy the lives of their women and children because they were too weak to GROW UP!

Last of all, I am TIRED of men who do not realize that I was worth fighting for.


6 Responses to “LOVE AND HOGWASH”

  1. Kenyansista March 28, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    “Stop lying to yourself, if you decided to lead, you’ll be leading all through the relationship.” <- Point.Blank.Period! Love this point

  2. nkirdizzle March 29, 2012 at 1:48 pm #

    And she blogs!!!! I think discovering this post was the highlight of my day! I hope you come back to regular blogging.
    As for your post, you speak a lot of truth. Men and women both really need to style up. Women need to stop being so desperate that you force a man to commit to you even if it is not his true desire.
    Men need to grow a pair and stop wasting women’s time.

  3. lilburdy March 30, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    Hey ladies, thanks for checking on my blog. I really hope to get back to doing a regular posting and also reading other blogs. This post kept me awake until it was written. I think I’m tired of complaining about the same things in relationships in my life, this has to end and I hope all women can get to a point where they are TIRED!!!!

    • rockhead May 11, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

      Heeee! I am also shocked to find a post here! Enyewe I can feel your frustration all the way from here! I agree with every point, and especially the last point. The ones who did not fight for us.


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