23 Jul

I got a six stringed new best friend. Of course it’s not the one pictured above but it’s a beauty. Even better is the story behind how I got it.

I was given a ride by a kind stranger who had his guitar on his back seat and I commented about it. He says he is selling a guitar and I say am interested. In a week, I have a guitar I had not budgeted for at that time!

I had said I would get one by the end of the year but I guess halfway through is good too.

Then there’s the time my friend and I thought of ‘seriously’ starting a business. We had talked about it loads but had put it off for ‘soon’. So now we decided to look for a premise. We did it in no hurry as ‘soon’ could even mean the end of the year. As soon as we started looking, we got a place and we were told we had to start using it the next month, which was three weeks away. I can’t explain how we got enough capital to start in three weeks.

Advice I always give aspiring entrepreneurs: Just make the first step.

I had this urge to move to something new. To move from where I was currently working and do something else. At the beginning of the year I casually mentioned I wanted to get engaged in a certain program. I forgot about it until two months ago. Even after remembering, I decided to apply for the later recruitment which would be at the end of the year. Then I thought twice about it and decided to apply for the earlier recruitment, a bit too late but not really because God opened a way and I got accepted.

That’s just divine intervention I can’t explain.

What’s my point?

Just do it!

Now is as good a time as ever. Why wait!

You have now, that’s your bird in hand. Who knows about tomorrow!


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