23 Jul

I am only so young but I can’t thank God enough for the lessons I have learnt. These are my top four:

Trust in God

Not much explaining needed.

God does not work the way the world works. One has endless disappointments while the other turns those disappointments into victories.

Read the Word and believe in the promises. He has plans for good and not for evil. He forgives and redeems. He came to give life and abundantly. He can restore even the years that had been eaten by the locusts!

Trust and obey and believe. I should throw in the word faith here too.

Get the Right Foundation

You remember the story in the Bible where there were two men who were building houses. One built his on sand and the other on firm ground. It does not even take guessing to know which house reduced to rabble when the wind blew.

Have you heard of very rich people suddenly getting impoverished and you realize their wealth was ill begotten. You see when the worldly things start to attack you, God protects you. But when you do not have your foundations right you have set yourself apart from God’s protection ‘cloud’. We should not forget that God redeems when we turn to Him. Let’s not forget also that there are consequences for all our actions.

That saying that goes ‘What goes around comes around’ it’s true.

I know of women who have tried to ruin marriages in the foolishness of their youth (before they themselves were married) and have paid dearly (and still are) when they got married. As long as I live, I purpose never to wreck a marriage through infidelity. How sacred does God hold marriage that He says he will not hear the prayers of a man who does not treat his wife well. Why would I want to fan that fire!

As a country, how do we expect to be under God’s protection if our laws go against His Word?

Love Self

When we love ourselves, we know what we ought to have and what we deserve. We know when we are not getting enough. But we also know when to look out for self and when to let others take priority. You learn to love with your heart and head and when you have had enough.

We realize we are all different with different gifts and characters. That is the only way we can get to love others. And selfless love is the most beautiful thing in this world especially when you love without expecting anything back.

What really matters

God is all that matters. Ps 127:1-2

Everything we do outside of that knowledge is in vain.

Neither wealth nor reputation, popularity or networking will give you peace of mind and purpose in life.

Do you have life’s lessons you would like to share?


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