23 Jul

Ok, not really. Let me explain.

I am a dove, no not the bird, silly. The trait.

There are four; doves, eagles, owls and peacocks. They are relationship-oriented, results oriented, detail-oriented and socially oriented respectively.

A dove is a skilled diplomat and relationship oriented. They like personal involvement. Of course they are peaceful and dislike conflict and disharmony. This is good right?


They need reassurances that they are liked and appreciate when others demonstrate interest in them. In a nutshell, they are needy. You see why I wanted to be an eagle. Who likes being the needy type?

Then I thought about it. Why do we usually do these personality tests? Well I can tell you I do them to better understand my traits and work on the weaknesses.

I don’t think I am needy and I definitely do not need reassurances, at least not from people that they like me. I know I need only God to validate me. Maybe a while back I would totally care about what people thought of me, right now, not so much.

I have worked on some of the weaknesses and life has worked some out for me. I also realize that these traits change as one gets older and ‘wiser’. For example, I was an INFP (introspective, feeling and perceptive)-healer two years back. Right now I am still an INFP, not a healer but a counselor. I interpret this to mean I moved from just being a listener and peacemaker, got more proactive and began to teach and inspire.

In a year I may be an eagle. Fat chance! Maybe an owl or peacock, who knows.

And why would I not want to be a dove? I get away with so much as I am. I could have things easy but I choose to work for them. I get out of my comfort zone. The trait complements my hidden talents (that shall remain hidden secret).

Do you think those ‘damsels in distress’ you read about in books were eagles?

I think not!

And didn’t they always end up with the prince and the happily ever after life.

Doves Rule!


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