3 Jun

It all starts with a movie. Carl ignites a passion from watching a movie. A spirit of adventure.

He finds a mate who shares his passion.

She is loud and feisty while he, on the other hand, speaks two words in a month at most. They hit it off really well and get married. They have a book where they record all their dreams. They are actually Ellie’s dreams that he adopts. They want to live near the edge of a cliff where there are falls: Paradise Falls.

They start saving up for their adventure but every time something would come up and they would have to use up the money; car repairs or hospital bills.

So time passes by till they get old and Carl loses his soul mate, Ellie. They do not get to explore and live out their adventure and he has to face the world all alone without his Ellie. He lives on, a grumpy old man who is mean to everyone who comes into contact with him. He even has no heart for a scout boy who just wants to help, with anything.

A time comes when the legal system deems him a menace to society and he has to move into a retirement home. He seems to have accepted his fate but on the day he is to leave for the home he unleashes a surprise. He is flying his house [using a gazillion balloons] to South America to Paradise Falls. Whoa!

On the way, while up in the sky someone knocks on his door. He finds out that the scout boy he was mean to had been under his house all that time. This is just another inconvenience to him but he has to let the boy in. They do try to get along with each other and the boy is insistent on ‘assisting’ him every chance he gets.

After days, they unexpectedly get on top of a mountain and he can see the falls on the other side. Carl gets very excited but there’s a problem. They had had a rough landing and were out of the house. It was floating so to get in they would have to climb a rope that was their only connection to the house. The man is too old to do it so he asks the little boy, Russell to do it then hoist him up. Russell is too chubby to do it they soon find out. In the spirit of assisting, Russell suggests they walk the house to the side where the falls are. The house would be like a bag pack. They would have three days before the helium in the balloons would run out.

As they are walking the house the boy gets tired and whiny and am sure the old man must have felt like he was a drag. Furthermore, Russell finds a pet that is a bird. Russell insists that they help the bird get to his home. Carl is insistent that they get the house to the falls but Russell convinces him so he agrees and they have to change course. The bird is being sought after by a powerful explorer who needs to capture it to prove a point. The explorer lures the two to his place and insists on knowing the whereabouts of the bird. Carl and Russell have to find a way to escape and they do. Carl now takes an interest in wanting to protect the bird.

To cut the long story short, protecting the bird gets them into a lot of trouble and Carl’s house is almost burnt to the ground and there are instances they almost lose their lives. The bird is captured by the explorer and Carl decides to continue with his mission to walk the house. Only this time he has a pout-mouthed Russell who does not understand why saving the bird is not more important than his mission.

They get to the falls and he is exhilarated. The house sits at the edge just as they had pictured it with Ellie. But he is not completely happy even though his mission has been accomplished. As he goes off to make peace with Russell, he finds that he is going to save the bird all by himself. The old man has no choice but to go after him and save him. I can imagine his frustration at the increasing number of inconveniences.

Needless to say, they save the bird and he has room in his heart for love for the boy, the bird and a dog that insist on calling him its master. But that is not the happy ending you would expect. Carl loses the house he had worked so hard to get to the falls. But this time he is not crestfallen.

“It’s just a house”, he says

Is this not how life would have it? You work hard all your life to get something and you get frustrated many times along the way. Then when you get it you realize there is more to life than just that dream. You eventually lose the dream but that’s no problem because you have found a higher purpose. Strangely, the higher purpose always has a connection to love!

Who can understand this GREAT GOD of ours?

He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, but He has given us Free Will.

Who/what will you choose?

(From the Movie “UP”)



2 Responses to “AS LIFE WOULD HAVE IT”

  1. Maina June 25, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    I love the way you have reviewed that movie. Now i will have to watch it because of you.

  2. lilburdy July 5, 2010 at 12:42 pm #

    Thanks Maina…..very cool movie it is! Thanks for reading

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