12 Feb

Today is not a bad day but there’s nothing that’s too special about it. Am not excited about anything, not craving nothing, not even feeling nothing.Thats why am not doing TGIFridays today though Nkirdizzle has done hers and it’s so cool.

I think am just restless, it will probably go away soon. I want to be excited about something.

Ps: I am happy that my boss gets to be changed soon, she gave me the worst appraisal ever this week. That am looking forward to!

Oh and I have a valentine’s date and it’s not my dad! Actually this year the holiday has not been hyped much (except for Easy Fm’s billboard thing) so it would have probably passed by unnoticed. I will wear a bit of red because I kinda always do because everyone says they won’t!


One Response to “ONE OF THOSE DAYS”

  1. tricia February 15, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    Where have you been? Hope you enjoyed Valz! I think its was some holiday!

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