30 Dec

The year has been anything but lonely

I have to say 2009 has been a rough year and also one I got to see God’s hand at work.

>>I got a new family of friends from church and I love them to bits

**We (the family of friends) lost a member due to some disagreements. I still feel bad about that, it was really bad because this happened as she was getting married. All in all, the honeymoon phase of friendship is over in the family, but that’s kind of a good thing really because now we get to be real.

>>I really got to know God deeper and I did not have to try too hard. In fact He told me to stop trying too hard. Do you believe God can speak to people?

>>I started this blog hoping to lead people closer to God. Did it work? Weeeelll…it became a therapy session for me at times so that’s a thumbs up!

>>I spent Valentine’s Day with my dad. He can be so cool sometimes. But not now because he is on holiday (alone) and he is not calling (snob)

>>I spent my birthday with friends. It was the first time I tasted White Forrest Cake and I absolutely LOVE it

>>I cleared campus in March and went on the rave that night. I had tequilla shots for the first time and loved it. I did not get drunk though. I have not tasted alcohol since either. I partied quite a few times this year!

>>I got a job in May. They were doing me a favor so I had no work really. I got a more serious job in June and I work there till now

**The first job was boring and they have not paid me to date. The other job also has its issues but am thankful for it. Am still looking though

>>I graduated in July. It felt good. At my party, so many guys came and I got LOTS and LOTS of cash. Am so proud of myself because I used half of the cash well, the other half……..

**My grandma’s sister died (she was pretty close with my mum) and a couple of my friends lost a parent. That was sad but God has His way.

**My uncle was diagnosed with Leukemia around September and it was a very trying time for the whole extended family. He had an upset stomach, got to hospital and was admitted due to high blood sugar. The next day they say he has amoeba and the next a liver infection. The worst was when the Leukemia was discovered and we got to understand the process he would have to go through. We would need around 70 (it turned out to be over 100) extremely healthy people to donate a pint of blood each at intervals with only a few hours notice.

>>We prayed and after his first chemotherapy session he is now recovering very well. The race is not finished yet but we are confident that God is running before us. I can’t thank the friends and strangers who helped us at this time enough. May God bless them all.

>>I went on holiday to Mombasa after 13 years and went on the rave every single night we were there. My younger cousins insisted but it was fun. I watched Nameless perform for the first time, he really is a performer (I thought he was overrated). It was fun for that time anyway. I had the best time of my life visiting marine parks, crocodile farm, swimming in the ocean, meeting people from home who were there too, eating my heart out. I saw a sea horse, that was amazing.

Sand in toes

**I feel really bad that I did not get to have the 3D experience watching Avatar. I also drank too much of the salty water while swimming.

*>I have nothing much to write about my love life, only that it’s where it’s supposed to be at the moment. What the new year has in store, I will wait and see.

The best parts have to be

>>The birth of my nephew on the 28th of December. He is such a cute little thing

>>My uncle’s recovery

>>Finding (through facebook, imagine!) and meeting up with my step-sister for the first time. She is really cool and we are good friends

I have learnt

I am not perfect as a human or a Christian and that’s ok.

To let God be my umbrella when it rains. I cannot fathom how this year would have turned out without Him. He is awesome and great.

In 2010

I will make no resolutions

I look forward to gifts from my friend in Egypt and my dad when he comes back from holiday. I have that kiddie excitement

I look forward to getting done with my ACCAs and move on to the next thing

I look forward to what is in store

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow you have got to put up with the rain

(Dolly Parton)


4 Responses to “RAINS AND RAINBOWS OF ’09”

  1. Sonie January 3, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    Oh my I may start blogging too…anyway spending my afternoon sobbing coz dad left :(….

  2. wamathai January 4, 2010 at 1:50 pm #

    All the best in 2010 and beyond 🙂

    • lilburdy January 5, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

      Thank you and to you too

  3. thekenyannutcase January 12, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    i remember when i cleared also.went and watched Hancok.then the freedom feeling of walking in the middle of town at midnight with no assignment and no care in the world.twas great bliss.

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