4 Dec

This idea is borrowed from @Nkirdizzle. Check out her blog.

Thank God it’s Friday 🙂

I am on leave *yey* but am reading for my exams next week 😦

I am excited about

Watching Mo Faya today (maybe), I have been planning to do it and am watching it with one very cool ROCKHEAD.

Today I am feeling

Simple beauty

very sexy, simple and elegant. My spirits are on an all time high

My Funky Friday Theme Song is

‘Firefly’ by Jimmy Needham. It’s a flirty song and I would one day love it if someone sang it to me! *sigh*

This weekend

I spend it with family and books….BOOORING (the books part)

I am craving

A really good movie and someone to cuddle up (canoodle)with

I wish

I were half as kind as my mum is and as responsible as my dad is. They are amazing people

I hope

Today I will bless someone just by listening to their problem

Today’s inspirational quote is

‘It is better to lose what you can’t keep in order to gain what you cannot lose’

Today is a good day. The sun is not allowed to Shine though

Have a lovely Friday!


5 Responses to “TGIFridays”

  1. rockhead December 4, 2009 at 11:59 am #

    Am very cool?? *sob sob*. Sooo honored
    You’re craving….uuuuuh [insert the one here]
    I like what you’re feeling today…
    What song is Firefly and can I have it soon? Please??

  2. nkirdizzle December 4, 2009 at 1:54 pm #

    Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

    First up thank you for adding me to your blogroll, and for doing TGIFridays, very cool!!

    I am excited about
    hanging out with my friends today,it’s been way to long since I last saw them.

    Today I am feeling

    lost and bored without my cellphone, can’t tweet or facebook, the universe decide to put me on forced rehab 😦

    My Funky Friday Theme Song is

    the set played by Dj Protege on capital fm today from 10am. That guy is the next best rock DJ since Mr. Zoom.

    This weekend

    I am gonna have a blast!!!!

    I am craving

    a smoodhie from rendezvous (yes smoodhie not smoothie)

    I wish

    I wasn’t such a worry wart. I make mountains out of mole hills for no reason. I stress myself over tiny things, and I really wanna stop 😦

    I hope

    i NEVER run into them again mmmssscheeuwww nkt!

    Today’s inspirational quote is

    ‘The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly’

    Have a Fabulous Friday!

    xxx V xxx

  3. Wyndago December 24, 2009 at 1:41 am #

    This TGIF thing is really catching on!


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