16 Sep

Sunday 2nd October 2004


I think this is the saddest day of my entire life. It is a big blow to me. He had malaria when he was in school. He died on the 1st of October at 6.15am. I still haven’t accepted it. He was so young, vibrant, friendly and talented. Everybody loved him. He has left a hole in many people’s hearts. But God knows the plans He has for us and God had a plan for Waweru’s life and we don’t deserve to question Him. I will miss him so much and I will never forget him either. I remember seeing him two weeks before and he said he was unwell and I felt deep inside that something was not right. At least I saw him even though it was for the last time.

Stephen Waweru Kimutai (he used to call himself Stephen Waweru Mathai) was my dad’s cousin, they even share most names. He was three months younger than me and we had grown up knowing each other as we were neighbors. He was a God-send and I remember he used to insist I have to call him my uncle. He was an amazing person, very loving and he used to get along with people. He may not have had an easy life but you could never tell because he was just the sweetest person. As I look back I could see that the last few moments I spent with him were actually moments when he was passing a message. He would talk about life really.

On 30th September, Waweru got so unwell he could not get out of bed. He sent some of his friends to get the nurse but they may have forgotten. After a while, he decided to make the trip to the nurse himself and he had to crawl halfway there as he was too weak. When the nurse saw him, she immediately called his mother to get him. He went home and after a while he got very ill and was taken to hospital where he passed away in the morning.

When I heard this, I could not believe it and I started blaming the boys who forgot to tell the nurse, the nurse who had not noticed Waweru’s condition before and even God for taking him so soon. But it was no one’s fault really; Waweru had gone to be with the Lord. In his desk at school, they found a letter he had written to God. He was saying he loved God and he knew God loved him. Before I even knew about the letter, I was looking for ways to comfort myself and so I asked God to give me a sign that Waweru was in heaven and God did just that through the letter.

Waweru had rested in peace and he is with the Lord. That somehow comforts me to this moment. I remember even at the end of that year as I was sitting major exam papers, I cried through a whole math paper. The grief could get hold of me at any time. The grief is not as raw but it has never really gone away. I always wonder of the might have beens or should have beens. But I am not God, am I?

And now on the 5th anniversary of his death, I choose to pay tribute and honor Stephen Waweru Kimutai. A great friend, uncle and person!


4 Responses to “HE IS GONE BUT FOR A WHILE”

  1. Tricia September 17, 2009 at 2:15 pm #

    He sounds like he was a true angel!

    • lilburdy September 22, 2009 at 3:46 pm #

      he was a really sweet person. I noticed one cannot comment on your blog?!

  2. rockhead September 21, 2009 at 4:38 pm #

    Is this your “cuzo” from high school? that explains your sadness this day (your earlier post)
    Anyway we never really get over it, we just learn to live with it 😦

    • lilburdy September 22, 2009 at 3:45 pm #

      @tricia he was a really sweet person
      @rockhead Yeah it is. I remember I was messed up those days…but life does go on

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