28 Jul

I have a friend who has been hosting me weekly at her house for the past few weeks for some reasons. Just today, she called to let me know that she was not staying at her place for the next few weeks and asked if I could move in and be a steward temporarily. I was somewhat surprised and did not know how to respond just then but after a while I started getting excited. I could move out of home temporarily! What a great idea, to finally test the theory of freedom when you are in your own house.

I came home, talked my way out of cooking for the night and dropped the subject to my dad. My mum would have been the first option because when she agrees I know she will convince my dad if need be. But my mom was not around, she was taking care of some business for me (God bless mums, ok dads too). So I tell my dad and his eyes pop out. You would think I was moving out for good!

“You are going to live alone!”

I affirm that with no hesitation though I would not have used the word ‘live’ because ‘stay’ would be more appropriate. I will move out eventually (am working and of age) and am hoping it will be to a house of my own at least before I get married. He looks like he is thinking of something that will give him the right to say no, but there’s nothing. I am old enough and anytime now I may have to spread my wings and fly from the mother nest.

“Have you told your mother?”

He is now clutching at straws but oh well, if he thinks my mum will disagree he has got another thing coming. After that I start making arrangements to move out during the weekend.

My mum comes in half an hour later and she has no problem with it. All she asks is if I think it is safe. So that leads to the fantasies about my month of freedom. I play house all by myself and I plan to enjoy it. Unhealthy eating, ice cream and weekends of movie watching and being a couch potato are to follow and a lot more that I would not want to disclose! Did I mention she has a great collection of movies and music! Thank God it’s the end of the month and there is cash in the account, I think (to the detriment of the rest of the month). I will be sure to write on how that turns out.

This Friday is my dad’s birthday and my mum has planned a surprise party for him tomorrow. This is going to be fun. But I don’t think it will be such a big surprise because he gets one every other year. Which reminds me; I have to get wrapping paper, tape and a card for him tomorrow. I had better note it on my phone or else I forget. My cousin visits tomorrow too, hurray. I should get cake, hmmm!

On an unrelated note, I would like to give an ode to mothers (parents) and the young people who take care of their families at such tender ages. God bless them for their angelic hearts stop

I have a presentation at work on Thursday. Hope that goes well!


One Response to “A PEEP OUT OF THE COCOON”

  1. rockhead July 30, 2009 at 5:47 am #

    Nice one, but your poor dad! It will clearly take him a while to let you go. Can’t wait for the sleepovers which I’ll be coming for uninvited…
    PS: Kwani ur 21? Ur category title….

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