21 Jul

I was so unique, now I feel skin deep! Sometimes I wish I was someone other than me if only to make the mirror happy. All those times I pushed you away but You kept coming back. Kept speaking into my life, still answered my prayers.

I don’t know how I can describe the relationship I had with You. I thought that we were close I’ve known you all these time but I was just living life my way just getting by. Thought that if I do a good deed or two it was enough to please You. But now I know it was all take and take on my part. I’d keep the parts I wanted to and ended up missing out on the real You. You look for more than a song, you see deep inside the heart. Not without but within. I have held on so long to all my hopes and dreams but You have been asking me to lay them down at Your feet.

I lay everything at Your feet I choose to go your way. Why did it take me so long to learn this secret! I long to live my life in awe of you to trust you completely, to be pleasing in your sight. I want to be beautiful! I want you to say ‘well done my daughter, you have been a good and faithful servant’. Lord do not pass me by. Help me back to You. Am dying for new life.

I want to be beautiful

Make you stand in awe

Look into my heart

Be amazed

I want to hear you say

Who I am is quite enough

Just want to be worthy of Love

Lord make me beautiful

(Bethany Dillon)


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