21 Jul

When the whole world seems against me, there’s a storm in my head and am afraid of sinking. I need you to teach me to have FAITH and change my life to bring You glory. I am a child of little faith, I feel the wind and forget Your GRACE. I forget that You are the calmer of the storm. When the torrent blows in the middle of my sea, the white wave is high it’s crashing over the deck and I don’t know where to go. Where are You Lord? Is this ship going down, the mast is gone. You are the anchor, should I jump and try to save my life on my terms?

Teach me that even though it seems am losing no matter what am doing, it’s all in Your hands. May I never trust in me. There on the storm I am learning to let go of the will that I so long to control. There may I be in your arms eternally, it is in weakness that Your strength is made perfect. Show me that you bring beauty from pain, beauty from ashes that all these pain is not in vain. Show me that I can stand in the rain and that You are the calmer of my storm.

How could your favor

be the flavor I savor

When the fruits of my labor

Are so unfavorable!

Am going Your way

Even though I cannot see You in front of me

And am going Your way

Even though I feel Lost at Sea!

(Jimmy Needham)


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