5 Jun

The most fascinating gift I have ever received was an old kaleidoscope, a tube fitted with a mirror and pieces of coloured glass on one end  that shows many coloured patterns when it is turned. I got it from my brother-in-law before he married my sister, probably to endear himself to me, or maybe not. He was a smart man for he had made a risky choice of a gift because not everyone has the capacity to appreciate this marvel of a gift, I think. But I loved it and to me it had meaning. So what’s the big deal about the kaleidoscope, you wonder! I choose to see life as one. We have all been given one life but the opportunities and circumstances we go through are what make our lives turn out different.

Our lives are the kaleidoscope and the opportunities and circumstances are the little pieces of glass. Our attitude and faith is what determines the shape we see. We can choose to see the bad things that happen as stepping stones or learning experiences. Take a minute (no more) to mourn about them, move on and don’t look back. Nothing can compare to what’s before you, that is for sure.

No matter what the situation I will choose to look at my kaleidoscope and only see the pretty patterns that result from the myriad of disorganized pieces of glass, because when you have your eye on the good the bad does not seem to matter and only what matters is important.

Even though the journey’s long

And I know the road is hard

You are the one who’s gone before me

You will help me carry on

And after all that I’ve been through

Now I realize the truth

That I must go through the valley

To reach before the mountain of God

(Third Day, Mountain of God)

And that’s my two cents worth!


One Response to “KALEIDOSCOPE”

  1. Sonie June 17, 2009 at 2:07 am #

    keep on writing you are good!

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