27 May

The thing with me is that I write when am hurt, when I hear a nice song, when I see a lovely lilac sweater that I did not buy and can’t stop thinking about (true story), when I get a new crush, when I fall in love, when a good friend dies and today when I decide to let go of the first person that I fell in love with.
Today I set him free and I set me free too. My friend and I call him ‘THE ONE’. The thing with being in love with someone but nothing can come out of it is that you put yourself in a prison. I have been in this prison for almost two years and today I am free. Why can’t it work out, you ask! It has nothing to do with the fact that we are after different things. We are both just finding our feet, both running after things we love and want and we both know it’s not the right time. Maybe some other time but not now, maybe never….but am cool with that. Am cool running with God’s plan which is what I really want to do at the moment. What does this mean? It means that I change. I don’t know how I change but I know it will be noticeable and it will be for the better and I am somewhat excited!
So for now I go about my business listening to my heartbreak song. I hurt today but tomorrow I heal, I promise.

If it hurts kiss it better
you wear skirts I write nice letters
Never said nothing with flowers
Though we always talk for hours
And I know it gets much colder
When I cry on my own shoulder
But we know the show will go on
Guess I know, I guess I’ll throw on

Some Jefferson Airplane
Am trapped and I am enclosed
But I won’t complain I’ll open all the windows
Coz when it’s colder
I feel much better
When I cry on my own shoulder
Just throw on a sweater and go-o-o-o

And I’ll gooooooo
To where the weather’s nice and warm
And I’ll goooooooooo
To where I am reborn
And I’ll gooooooooooo
Coz in my dreams I cant complain
And I’ll goooooooooooooo
In my Jefferson airplane
(Jefferson Airplane, Relient K)


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