22 May

This is for you!

I’ve been searching, I’ve been trying to find

Someone who could reach out and touch my heart

Lord you’re breaking me part of making me

Lord you are hurting me part of moulding me

It’s your hand that hurts it’s your hand that heals

And I will not let go of your caring hands

(Quabberians, 2001)

I know I sound like a hopeless romantic (when you read my posts) who is looking for an ‘out of this world’ fairy tale romance. Truth is I have found love, REAL LOVE. This is a love that cannot be put in words. It is unconditional love that I can rely on.This is love from God my Father.

When I was younger, I was a very lonely child. I’ve read that it could be blamed on the fact that I was a first or last born child but I don’t think it would be different if I was first or last among my siblings. Anyway, I became a perfectionist if only to get people to notice me. I got my self esteem from my good grades. I was better than my siblings (who seemed to get all the attention), you see, way better.

Even good grades could not make me content so I started looking for love in the wrong places. From ‘cool’ friends and ‘cute’ boys but I still felt empty. It was only when I got to understand God’s message of love and accept it that I began  to have peace. I accepted Christ into my life. So from that time on, over 10 years ago, I have learnt to live one day at a time and trust in God and have Faith in Him. Without faith, it’s impossible to please Him. We also need to obey His commands (Deut 28). He provides for me (Mark 11:24) and He always comes through at His time, which is always the right time. It has not been easy, I have fallen more times than I could care to count but He always takes me back.

As far as the East is from the West. That’s as far as he has put our transgressions. From one scarred hand to the other. That’s how far God’s love goes! Most of us hurt in our lives without the knowledge that there is an easier way. You need to run to the mercy seat where God is waiting to heal you if only you ask Him. 1st John 1:9 If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness. Just accept Christ and enjoy love and peace that surpasses all understanding.

And that’s my two cents worth!


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