20 May

Am so tired of the phone, baby

I don’t like the tone

The way we say I love you

A thousand times

We say those words but we can’t look into each other’s eyes

Ooooh, I guess we made it

but at least we made it this far

And it all looks smooth from here

Ooooh and in the future days

There may be ways

But I must say the skies have never looked so clear

Ooooh and I guess we’ve made it coz it aint far to go from here

Am so tired of the road baby

Driving through the snow

But just maybe you’ll sit back

And think about the times

When we said those words

And we looked into each other’s eyes

You have given me a heart attack

You’ll never know

What it’s like to have to face the fact you might let go

And I won’t stand for any thought of that

Heavens NO!

Coz I will cling to you and always have a stronger hold

(Relient K, The Birds and the Bee sides)

Very convincing, especially with a country beat added to it. Maybe long distance relationships are not so bad after all. Is it so wrong to dream!

And that’s my two cents worth!


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