15 May

As I was taking inventory of myself (as I do everyday) on how I did my work, did I bless anyone, did I act like a good steward of the things God has blessed me with? Then  I realized something disturbing…..I love to complain! No matter how good I’ve had it I just cant seem to appreciate it as I should and realize I may have it better than most.

So today I look at my rainbows: God, family, friends, education, capacity to love and self worth. I also had choices. I could decide to wake up or continue sleeping (at the expense of my job) but that’s besides the point. I can express myself, my feelings in words through writing or speaking. My heart is vulnerable to feelings and heartbreaks and that’s such a lovely thing (indeed it is).

So, the way I see it, if I want the rainbow, I have got to put up with the rain. So today there will be no complaints.

And that’s my two cents worth!


One Response to “RAINBOWS”


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    […] is my birthday! I am in my mid twenties and feel so blessed so I have decided to count my rainbows. Today I hang out with three fabulous ladies who took time out on a Monday to bless me with food, […]

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