4 May

I just want to know what he feels when he sees me
Because when I see him my throat goes dry and my cheeks turn their color
I just want to know how he feels when he reads mail I sent to him
Because every time I read his notes, my insides are tied up into knots and I read and reread what he’s written if just so I could glimpse into what he could have been feeling when he wrote it.
I just want to know if He thinks of me when it’s the end of the day and he’s just getting in between his soft sweet smelling warm sheets.
If he mentions me in his prayers to God when he’s thanking Him for the blessings in his life
I just want to know if he stops working for even a moment because thoughts of me overwhelm him and he just has to take a breather
I wonder if he thinks of me every time he hears a love ballad, if the words touch his innermost being and arouses feelings he, more often than not, would rather repress.
Does his head ache, his stomach knot up, does he feel like pulling his hair and screaming because he’s longing for a text from me but it never comes
I just want to know if he loves me till it hurts!


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