Today’s firsts

30 Apr

Today is my first Thursday at work, it was my first time to meet one of my bosses.
First time I realized it was a blessing not to have to stay working here forever and I have a more fulfilling task ahead of me.
First time I realized am glad am letting God guide me and not my ambitions.
Today for the first time I decided I was worth more than some empty promises and so would move on from that someone. I saw the beauty God put in me.
First time I realised that we almost always get less than we bargained for though we have the potential to gain more {especially in love}
First time I decided that I would neither be male or female…I would be human. Dream big, demand for my rights, love {wisely} with all my heart, listen to God and my peace of mind only.
Today for the first time I will embrace my fears and the beauty in me. I will start fulfilling God’s purpose for me in this world.
Today, I decide, is the first day of the rest of my life, tomorrow will be another.

And that’s my two cents worth!


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